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The aim of the project is to create an effective Roma platform formed by Roma leaders from 4 selected localities in the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions. Specifically, they are members of local groups from Ostrava-Kunčičky, Ostrava-Přívoz, Přerov and Třinec. The leaders will attend a six-part education block tailored to their needs and requirements. The knowledge and skills gained will help them to better understand the issues of community work, engage and work effectively in their communities, cooperate with other relevant entities and partner organizations, and in this way contribute to achieving the goals of the Roma Integration Strategy at the regional and local levels.

The development of the education plan will be preceded by mapping workshops in the individual localities. Subsequently, the education plan will be implemented in the form of seminars and prospects in the field of community work. The guarantor of this activity is the Faculty of Social Studies of the University of Ostrava, which is also a partner of the project.

By improving the skills and competences of the Roma leaders, strategies can be developed more effectively to combat social exclusion at local levels. The leaders will also be supported in the implementation of local community activities and events (a practical application of the acquired competences) – including community off-site activities and events to improve neighbour relations in localities (events to improve communication with people living around the localities).

The project is also aimed at educating and raising the public awareness of representatives of the social majority, mainly office and institution workers who come into contact with the Roma people in their work, about the social exclusion of the Roma people, its causes, as well as the methods of community work in Roma communities.

The project will also include the creation of promotional materials (professional videos, photographs, etc.) and a project website, with the aim of improving the media image of the Roma community in the Czech society.