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Adéla Šimuláková



How long have you been involved in community work?

I became involved in community work two years ago when two women visited us in our locality. Now I know they were community workers.

What does community work mean to you?

For me, community work means that together with my neighbours we’re changing things; for example, we’re improving and cleaning the place around the house we live in. It’s something that’s changed my outlook on the neighbours in my house, on my life and the lives of the children in the locality, that we are all connected by one place, but it’s also a story of common problems which we don’t have to face alone.

Why did you become involved in community work?

I got involved in community work to help not only myself, but also others through my activities. To be a role model for others, to inspire them to believe in themselves, to want and have the opportunity to make decisions and to learn to defend the common interests of the community, even if these changes don’t happen right away.