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Silvie Váňová


How long have you been involved in community work?

I became involved in community work in 2014 as a volunteer. In 2020, I became a community worker in the Diocesan Caritas Ostrava-Opava.

What does community work mean to you?

In the beginning, I refused to get involved in community work. I didn’t see any prospects in participating in community work. Thanks to the patience of the community workers and members who were already involved in community work, I first participated in events organized for families with children. My own curiosity and anticipation of what would happen next won over my passivity. I gradually joined in the planning and organizing of these events and subsequently started participating in joint meetings where the problems of the residents were discussed. In time, I discovered that I had become an active member, and this situation still stands. For me, community work means talking together about the needs of the community and then solving the common problems.

My motto is “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Why did you become involved in community work?

The main reason was the change in the quality of housing in the locality. It is a subject that unites us, residents, and motivates us to make greater efforts to bring about change for the better. As a group, we’re more than an individual, and we want to use that to our shared benefit. Through community work, I’m learning many new things and respect for others.